Peace Fountain & Coventry Gardens


One of the more beautiful parks in all of Windsor Ontario is Coventry Gardens, which also features the Windsor Peace Fountain.

Coventry Gardens is located on Riverside Drive between Thompson Boulevard and Pillette Road. It was designed to be a relaxing place of recreation and a great source of civic pride. This beautiful park was completed back in 1931 and was expanded in 1975 it was expanded to 7.5 acres. It’s now nearly 10 acres of land and features the Peace Fountain on the Detroit River as well as a beautiful array of flowers, plants and trees.

The Windsor Peace Fountain is the only stand alone floating fountain in the world and can propel water up to 70 feet in the air. During the summer nights, you’ll also be able to catch a beautiful light show which looks fantastic in front of the beautiful Detroit skyline.

The best time to visit Coventry Gardens and the Peace Fountain are between the months of May and September and between the hours of 11am and 11pm. That’s when the true beauty of this 80 year old park is on display.