OmniNoms – Fast Food Delivery to Your Door


I want you to think back to the last time you ordered food for delivery. Did you wonder that with such a wide selection of restaurants in Windsor, ranging from Subway to Mamo Burger, why you were forced to choose between pizza chains and the small handful of local restaurants that deliver?

OmniNoms is on a mission to give everyone the freedom of choice. Our service allows you to have food delivered from any restaurant in the Windsor-Tecumseh area. You can now experience the restaurant selection you’d get from a car, without the having to leave the comfort of your home. Our name means you can now order from every restaurant (Omni-), and the delicious food you we’ll bring you (-Noms).

How does this work? You place your order either by calling or ordering online at We send your order off to one of our drivers who will go to the restaurant, pick up your meal, and deliver it right straight to your door. You pay your driver at the door for the cost of the food, plus a $6.00 delivery fee.

The business was founded in St.Catharines by Brock University student Steve Hann from his university dorm room. Steve teamed up with a local computer science graduate from the University of Windsor, Jon Donais, to create a software platform that would make this process work on a much larger scale. Together the two have re-launched the business in Windsor as OmniNoms and are quickly gaining the attention of hungry Windsorites across the city. Courtney, a student and happy member of NomsterNation (the affectionate name we use to refer to our customers and fans) writes, “From the friendly phone staff to the friendly driver who arrived promptly with my delicious greasy goodness in hand, the experience was top notch and I’ll be repeating it again.”

The next time you’re in a rush, or just not in the mood to cook, be sure to give OmniNoms a try, and experience what it’s like – to have the food that you really want, delivered.